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Art Abenoza, Owner
Monica Santos, Showroom Manager

Why do you need a fashion publicist? A fashion publicist gets the word out about your product. With the right fashion publicist, your product will be the talk of LA in no time.

Los Angeles is filled with opportunity. To get your product out there, you need to know how to use that opportunity to your advantage. That’s where fashion and celebrity PR comes in. InPRessLA is able to sort through the fashion celebrity PR with fashion publicist experts who will get your clothing and accessories the most attention possible.

Why Contact Us for Fashion Publicist Expertise?
You have the product, and now you need attention. You need your own fashion publicist. Fashion PR and celebrity PR experts can get your product on shelves where it belongs. Before ever reaching stores, our publicists and specialists will work their connections in all major cities so that your product gains attention from every angle possible. When we get your product on the red carpet and endorsed by A-list celebrities, prepare yourself for orders from all over the world. That’s the goal of fashion and celebrity PR, and that’s what we’ll deliver.
Fashion is also time sensitive. You want to get your product into stores and closets around the country before someone else jumps on your ideas, or fashion takes its next step forward. Don’t get left a step behind. Fashion PR and celebrity PR services can help you to get the attention that you need now.
Your calling is fashion. Your talent is creating clothing and accessories that people want to wear. As fashion PR and celebrity PR specialists we understand that, and we know talent when we see it. That’s why as fashion PR specialists we only work with products that deserve the attention we have access to. As a talented fashion designer, you can know that you are in the right hands. Our fashion PR and celebrity PR reputation is premier, first-class, and we can get your name out there quickly.
Don’t waste the time you could be doing research on new trends and perfecting your product contacting sales representatives only to reach dead-ends. As fashion PR experts, we know the right people to contact. We have the connections to make a big difference for your brand name and product.
Your product deserves to be seen, and there is someone out there waiting to wear it. Contact us to get started and gain the publicity you need for your brand to be recognized all over LA. We have the best fashion publicist resources in town; contact us to see that publicity in action.


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